Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OK, so now what!?

So, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?  How many times have we told that to our kids or heard others ask young people around us?  For Linda and me, the question just got a lot louder.

Uncle Chuck through the eyes and lens of Linda
Maybe a little background is in order.  Linda has been unable to continue her work in the dental field due to a neck injury.  She has been on a mission the past 18 months to study nutrition and holistic health with the goal of being a health coach.  Linda is  passionate about health and organic food and a sustainable life. She is also an accomplished photographer and shares my love of travel and new cultures.

For me, I have had a dream to live a more flexible, significant life for a while.  To teach and coach executives, invest in interesting innovative companies and to also create a more sustainable world in our sphere of influence.

AND, we want to live, teach,  cook, study, share our summers in Veglio and travel through Europe.
Two of the towers added this Summer

Sounds good but at the same time, I have been on a tread mill job for a very large multinational three letter firm.  In many ways, this job was a self imposed hurdle to driving through the unknown of creating the work and life that we both long for.

So, this past week, I made the decision to leave the corporate job behind and to go boldly in the direction of our dreams.  And together with Linda, Alexandra, Kurtis and Alexis, we are answering the question:  What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Linda and I are now on to the business of creating our new businesses.  And to find out how we are going to be able to spend two months a year in our little village.   Oh and did I say that I sold my cherished 911 Carrera S!  Simplifying our lives must be more than a theory, so our German friend found a new home….to be likely replaced by a old 4x4 Fiat that we can putter around in while we are in Italy. 

So we take another step in our Journey to Veglio.